Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time for The Conservative Party

The GOP is dead, or should be. It's been moving left of center and with the exception of Fred Dalton Thomas, the cadidates the GOP has put forth prove it.

How in the world someone like McCain can garner enough votes to come in first in a supposedly conservative state like South Carolina is more proof the party has lost its sense of direction.

Huckabee came in second, mind boggling. He isn't conservative, at least not on social or domestic policies which is really important.

McCain has been a disaster to conservative values during his tenure as a Senator. He is a life long politician, something we don't need more of in D.C.

Huckabee will be a disaster if elected. He is not, regardless of what he says this week, for stopping benefits to illegal aliens. If you think money is being spent outrageously now by our government just wait and see how that and our taxes skyrocket if Huckabee gets in.

So what does that leave us, Romney. If I had to I could stomach pulling the lever for him but only if I feared Hillary was about to get elected. Otherwise I just don't believe in Mitt's message and I may just write-in Fred Dalton Thompson and go home.

If the GOP loses and a democrat gets into office perhaps the GOP will start to take a harder look at itself and where it has been headed. Perhaps we shouldn't wait on them to have their eyes opened.

I know of many who no longer contribute to the RNC in any form or fashion but they still don't seem to be listening.

I believe we need a new Party. A Conservatie Party, if all the conservatives currently in office join, stating their displeasure with the direction of the RNC and begin leaving the GOP then we would instantly have credibility.

Perhaps it is just a pipe dream. Perhaps it is too late to bring this nation back to where we began, small government, free people.

Perhaps Fred will stay in the race and gain some momentum. Sam dear, maybe we can start to live like 2/3rds of the rest of America, watching American Idol and Oprah and oblivious to what is happening to this country. They seem happy.

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