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Defining the Term in Contemporary Times ( and

The word evangelicalism often refers to a collection of religious beliefs, practices, and traditions typified by an emphasis on evangelism, and by what adherents call a "personal experience" of conversion (described in the Gospels by Jesus as being "born again"). This collection is historically recent (approximately 150 years), but is broad, and can be found among some Protestant Christians and some Evangelical Catholics.

How Many Evangelicals Are There?

One of the most difficult things to establish about evangelicals is a precise estimate of just how many of them there are in the United States. With so many different evangelical denominations, evangelical constituencies of varying sizes within historically evangelical "mainline" and even non-evangelical denominations (thousands upon thousands of independent churches) there is no single entity that can possibly serve as a representative gatekeeper for the nation's evangelicals.

The News Media says Evangelicals will vote for Huckabee?

That is tantamount to saying all blacks will vote for Obama and all Women will vote for Hillary. What if you are a black, female, evangelical, who ya gonna call?

I happen to be a white, female, born-again christian, and none of the above will get my vote.

The grouping of race, gender and religion is an easy headline and plays into peoples bigotry. As a people I believe we are much too complex to make such broad statements. The laziness of the main stream media is appalling. If they really reported they would have to look much deeper into America's psyche.

I am but one person. Born-again. Yes, after much soul searching, praying and studying I had an epiphany that all that the Bible was telling me was true, that Jesus is the Son of God, that he died on the cross for my sins (past and future) and that he did suffer for me. I came to know him in a personal way and though I remain a sinner I am saved by the Grace of God through Jesus. It's quite simple now to me and quite ordinary.

I was raised Catholic. I've long since given that up and I don't 'belong' to any denomination. I am born-again and I know that I know, that I know. I commune with God, (not as often as I should) on a one to one personal relationship. I know that he is always with me and when I am in his grace I can and do raise my hand in praise to heaven, it's just something that comes natural.

That is no reason to vote for Mike Huckabee.

I am a woman. I like being a woman. I think women are very complex creatures and are a good match for men.

That is no reason to vote for Hillary Clinton.

I am white so I have my choice of white candidates to choose from.

That's no reason NOT to vote for Obama.

How silly all this talk is of how a person will vote based on these factors. How about we start to use the one thing we all have, our mind. Educate yourself and pull your head out of the television long enough to find out what the issues of our country are and what actions will make things better for what you see as the way the country should be run.

We may not agree but I'd prefer the voting public be educated and not just vote because of what Oprah says, or Chuck Norris, or whether your a Baptist or a Mormon, a man a woman, black or white, veteran or not. Some things matter but not just on their face value.

We have a candidate who is a veteran and a POW.

That alone is no reason to vote for McCain.

The former mayor of New York is a candidate who's exemplary behaviour endeared him to us during 9/11.

That's no reason to vote for Giuliani.

We have a former Governor who happens to be a Mormon who "saved" the Olympics.

That's no reason to vote for Mitt Romney.

On the one hand it's sad that Americans vote in the minority, on the other hand, considering how so few people seem to understand politics or know what the three branches of government are or the difference between the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, it may be a good thing that the majority doesn't vote.

I work with H1b workers from India, Pakistan, China and even Vietnam, they are fascinated by our election process and we have wonderful discussions about it at work. They watch "Meet the Press", CNN, Fox News and though they have no voting privleges they are more informed and more interested than my American co-workers. What does that say about our country?

What it shows me is that it's obvious why we are in the mess that we are in. Too many American born citizens are full of hatred for their own country and I challenge them to explain why with intellegent discussion. They only know what they are being spoon fed by our liberal universities and by sound bites on television.

We are headed toward socialism and multiculturalism. We will become a third world country if we allow our faith and values to be crushed by this new wave of anti-Americanism.

We are a Christian nation, a capitalist society and a free country. I see us losing all three of those values and with this year's crop of presidential candidates I see no turning back. Not because of race, gender or religion but because of the candidates lack of values, their own personal greed and quest for power.

None of the above have our country's best interest in their quest for the Presidency. None of the above are running for office with a love or understanding of our founding fathers ideals.

This year, I will not choose the lesser of the evils.

It doesn't matter that we have a woman, a black, a preacher, a veteran and a Mormon or a Mayor running. I will pray and I will stay home.

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