Friday, February 29, 2008

Nothing To See Here, Move Along


Ricin can be extremely lethal. As little as 500 micrograms, or about the size of the head of a pin, can kill a human, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Web site.

The Story as of 2.29.2008:

A man who stayed in a Las Vegas hotel room where ricin was found is in critical condition at a hospital, where he has been since mid-February.
The man called from the hotel asking for medical help on February 14, saying he was suffering from respiratory distress, and was transported to the hospital.

Since he was gone from the extended-stay hotel and not paying his rent, managers began eviction procedures.

Tests confirm the substance found in the room was ricin, police said, but it remains a mystery how it got there. The man hospitalized was not a suspect and police don't know whether the ricin was his, or if he even knew it was there.

The FBI said it was treating the matter as a criminal investigation and terrorism was not suspected.

The discovery of ricin alarms law-enforcement agencies because authorities in several countries have investigated links between suspect extremists and ricin.

Las Vegas police said there was no apparent link to terrorist activity, and no indication of any spread of the deadly substance beyond the several vials of powder found in a plastic bag in the man's room on Thursday. But what the ricin was doing there remained a mystery.

The man, believed to be in his 40s or 50s, was unconscious and unable to speak. Authorities don't know an awful lot about him.

The motel room had been unoccupied since the man was hospitalized. Someone who knew the sick man found the ricin in the room and brought it to the apartment manager.

He claimed to be a relative. Authorities haven't confirmed that yet whether he is a relative or a friend".

Pets were found in the room. Two of those pets are fine. One of the pets is deceased. There was no evidence that the animal died from ricin exposure. The dog that was in there was without food and water for a week.

The man was unable to speak to police, but a doctor at the briefing said he held out hope the man might recover enough to provide information.


Now I ask you, just what was a man (who authorities can't or won't identify) doing with ricin and the beans to make them in an extended stay motel? Making tea? They quickly add, not knowing all the facts, that it isn't terrorism. Well if they don't know why the ricin was there or what it was for and it is a known deadly poison not readily available, how can they rule out terrorism?

This is the "Nanny State" in action is what it is. Our government wouldn't want it's people getting all worried or fired up about terrorism. They're afraid we'd stop spending money on frivilous things and start buying firearms or stockpiling food for heaven's sake. Can't have that.

Nothing to see here, move along.

To be sure the television news media is barely covering the story. If it weren't for the internet the story would soon die out. Thankfully most folks get their news from the internet nowadays.
Evil is lurking and it is alive and well. Terrorist are still at the gate just waiting and some of us, many of us will be ready. Americans are tough characters when called upon to act and we will.
The Nanny State can spin the story any way they like but we aren't buying it. It may be home grown terror or a foreign invader but we are listening and this story along with others the government tries to bury are being kept alive and paid attention to by some.

Sure, others may only know what is happening on American Idol but to you terrorist out there, not all of America is asleep.

Stay safe, and never forget 9.11, stay prepared, have a plan and have a back up plan.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Levels of Doom

Low Level - McCain
Medium Level - Clinton
High Level - Obama

Certainly there is no one in this group I want to be President. However, I am figuring out who I most want to lose. Obama.

Since my candidates of choice all left the playing field I've been able to pay more attention to the ones who might get the job. I already knew all I needed to know about McCain and Clinton and I've spent some time reading a lot about Obama and listening to his speeches. He scares me more than the other two.

His wife's comments the other night just added to my conviction that Obama must not become the President. I'm not so sure he could get anything done but then again, if Congress goes against him there will be cries of racism so he might just get all he wants.

The crowds going to see him and their reaction is enough to let one know something is very wrong here. The moonbats are falling all over themselves over a guy who basically says nothing of substance.

I won't go into his history, you can find it easily enough on the internet. I just wanted to say I may not be able to sit this one out. It may be a case of ANYONE but Obama that forces me to go to the voting booth. I was going to stay away or vote for a third party candidate, my conscience was my guide and I wasn't going to vote for the lesser of 2 evils but having seen Obama in action I may have to vote for the lesser of one very scary individual.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kiss this Election Cycle Goodbye

Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Didn't I say that a few posts back? I truly see no hope for our country in this election cycle. Young folks act like Obama is some kind of god-like creature, old people think McCain is the man to lead us and I'll never understand the people voting for Hillary.

We're lost, we're going downhill. We've fallen and we can't get up. We're done, we're toast.
I can say it a million ways. We can hope for better in 2012 but frankly I'm getting too old for this. It was about 20 years ago when my mother warned me "Some day they are going to tell you what you can eat!", I thought she was over reacting. Guess what, she wasn't.

Between over taxation, over regulation and a loss of morals this country,America, is losing its grip on its founding Fathers ideals. I know, we've been doing it since the War Between the States but I'm getting to watch it first hand now and I don't like what I see.

Sure, we can struggle at the local level but I don't think there are enough conservatives left to do any good, we are a dying breed. Our universities have indoctrinated scores of our young into believing in big government, in socialism, communism, and fascism. They have no common sense and no sense of their heritage or history.

We've allowed our borders to be overrun. Even legal immigrants are not assimilating. The "Global Warming" farce has taken hold.

Yes it sounds like doom and gloom but how else can we look at it. The younger can hold out hope if they are believers in our Republic, perhaps one day long after we're gone they will rise up but for now it looks like we are headed in the wrong direction.

God save us all.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Is the RNC Trying to Destroy the GOP?

Whether the RNC is trying to destroy the GOP or not, it’s clear that they couldn’t do a better job of destroying it, no matter how hard they try. Making John McCain the RNC nominee is the most certain way to lose the 2008 election. But even if McCain could actually win in November, almost a numerical impossibility by the way, many conservatives have already predicted that even a McCain victory would be the end of the GOP as we know it. What’s the RNC thinking?

Can McCain Win?

While MSM polling data aims to make McCain look like the best the RNC can do, the real numbers say something quite different.

As of this writing, the RNC has completed 30 state primaries. Our “leader” John McCain, has lost 19 of the 30. A little over 16.5 million votes have been cast in Republican primaries so far, only 4.9 million of those for McCain, 30.9%. - with 69.1% of all Republican voters having voted against McCain.

Obama carried his home state of Illinois with 65% of the vote. Clinton carried her adopted home state of New York with 57% of the vote. McCain won his home state too, but with only 47% of the vote, less than half of his constituents. The only states McCain broke above 50% in are liberal stronghold states, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York and in all three cases, both Clinton and Obama defeat him in these states by more than a 2 to 1 margin…

28 states have completed both RNC and DNC primaries thus far. By popular vote, Obama won 14, Clinton 10 and McCain only 4. McCain lost the RNC primary in 3 of those 4 states, averaging only 14% support from Republican primary voters in each. He is at best secure in only 2 of the 4 states, Alaska and Iowa. In the general election, he can indeed lose both Arizona and Nevada.

This is the “winner” RNC heads think they can defeat Democrats with in the fall? How???

The National Popular Vote

All Republicans combined have garnered 16.5 million primary votes in 30 primaries. Democrats Clinton and Obama alone have garnered 17.6 million primary votes in only 28 primaries, 1.1 million more than all Republicans combined. If McCain could unite 100% of Republican voters behind his campaign, and Clinton – Obama only keep their 78% of the Democrat votes, McCain still loses by over 1 million votes… and he can’t unite 100% of Republican voters, no way – no how!

Of more than 22.5 million primary votes cast and counted to date, Clinton has 40% of those votes while Obama has 38% and McCain has but 22%. McCain is not even in striking distance of either Clinton or Obama. Who can McCain invite to share his ticket that will unite GOP voters and deliver the kind of excitement currently found across the political aisle? Only Jesus Christ has such powers… I can think of no other.

If this is the RNC’s idea of choosing a winning candidate, I’d like to see their idea of a losing candidate? Even Bob Dole was a better bet in 1996.

Where can McCain win?

At the moment, it appears that McCain can’t win anywhere but Alaska and Iowa, both of which he lost miserably in the RNC primary, but both of which are SO Republican that even a Republican loser can defeat a Democrat there. He’s not close to winning anywhere else at the moment and unless he finds a way to unite and ignite GOP voters, that’s not likely to change.

How do you elect any candidate with 22% of the popular vote and 30.9% support in his own party? The math simply won’t work.

Clinton – Obama to unite for Proletariat Party Unity

For almost two years now, I have been warning of this eventuality and until Super Tuesday, everyone said I was nuts. Now most political strategists are saying the same thing and here’s why.

Clinton and Obama are in a dead heat right now. Clinton and Obama share 78% of the DNC primary voters, leaving only 22% on the table, most of whom will happily unite behind either candidate by convention time. Clinton currently has 40% of those voters while Obama has 38%.

The two “I’m more socialist than you” candidates are also in a dead heat in the delegate race, Clinton with 1148 and Obama with 1121, both of them flying to North Carolina to negotiate with John Edwards for his 26 delegates. We’re talking a photo finish here for these two.

Obama has won 14 states to Hillary’s 10, but Hillary’s are bigger. If Obama is going to sneak ahead of Clinton to become the DNC nominee, he’s got to do it soon or it will become a numerical impossibility.

A few facts make an Obama nomination plausible, even if unlikely.

• He has no resume, so no BIG negatives like Hillary
• He has charisma and momentum – she’s a negative nagging bitch
• He has the youth vote for change – she’s crusty old bad news
• He’s raising money and she’s out of money

Still, due to a massive well trained Clinton war machine, Hillary remains out front and the woman to beat in this race. Assuming she hangs on until the photo finish and the numbers simply won’t work for Obama to become the clear front-runner, both have a problem that can only be solved by uniting on a single ticket in the general election.

Remember that liberals are nothing if not symbolism over substance. Neither of these two candidates is in any way qualified to become Commander-in-Chief. But that has not had any impact on their voters thus far and it won’t.

That’s because liberals smell an opportunity to make history by putting the first female and first black in the White House in one shot. If you’re a liberal, no matter what this means for the demise of your country, this is a symbolic opportunity you just can’t pass up…

And, if you’re Hillary looking for a sure win in November, you don’t take any chances. You unite 78+% the party in one move by bringing Obama onto your side in the general. Liberals get exactly what they want, two socialists for the price of one and a whole chapter in history that can be written no other way. Republicans are facing the perfect political storm…

If you’re Obama and the numbers just aren’t there, you take a 2nd place finish and run as an incumbent Vice President in four or eight years. He’s young. The ink on his driver’s license isn’t even dry yet… The first black Vice President is HUGE! It makes for great symbolism, even if disastrous for our national future at the same time.

How can McCain compete with that?

Two words – he can’t! If you think he can, check these numbers…

McCain is the worst possible Republican candidate to compete in this election with such historical implications in play. He represents the past, not the future. He’s unpopular with both Democrats and Republicans. There aren’t enough Independents in the world to carry this “Maverick” to victory.

This was either the greatest strategic blunder in the worldwide history of politics, or it was an intentional deathblow to the GOP, delivered at the hands of RNC powerbrokers hell-bent on destroying the conservative party for good. You decide…

Conservatives Golden Parachute

Conservatives have only two bailout options left on the table. Mike Huckabee and the U.S. Senate.

Huckabee is highly unlikely to defeat the MSM golden boy McCain and even if he did, there is little reason to think he would be any better than McCain in the general election or the Oval Office.

So, the Senate is where conservatives must now turn their attention in a BIG way!

Taking back control of the Senate, which must confirm all Supreme Court nominees and pass all legislation, must now become job #1 for all conservatives. The House is not realistically in play, but the closely divided Senate is…

Use the energy and money you were prepared to put into Thompson, Huckabee, Paul, Hunter, Tancredo, Romney, Giuliani or any other Republican, to make certain that a conservative is sitting in your Senate seat after November.

If you can’t put a conservative in your Senate seat this year, take a look at other Senate races where you can help other states pick up a conservative seat in the Senate and put your resources to work there. We’re talking saving a nation here…

Whether Clinton, Obama or McCain sit in the Oval Office for the next four years, who controls the U.S. Senate will be vital to protecting and preserving conservative values and principles for the next ten or twenty years. If conservatives can’t unite around this one, they deserve what they get!

Written by JB Williams ©2008 USA


I, Samwolf, do solemnly pledge that I will NEVER vote for John McCain. He is a deceiver masquerading as a "principled" conservative. His consistent readiness to "reach across the aisle" to the Democrats is because he's more comfortable on the Left...

McCain has sided with the Left on most key issues: His immigration position is further left than many Liberals. He joined with Ted Kennedy to sponsor an amnesty bill for illegal aliens. He voted to give social security dollars to illegal aliens. His Hispanic Outreach Director, Juan Hernandez, is a former Mexican government official who holds dual American-Mexican citizenship. Hernandez is widely known for his "Mexico First" declarations.

McCain opposed a federal gay-marriage ban in 2005. He has flip-flopped several times on abortion, and is a strong advocate of federally funding research on aborted fetuses. In the San Francisco Chronicle (8/20/99) McCain sided with pro-abortionist, suggesting that overturning Roe v. Wade would lead to illegal abortions.

On campaign-finance reform, the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act was one of the more left-wing acts of Congress in the past twenty years. The act, which placed blatant restrictions on political speech, passed with overwhelming Democrat support.

On religion, McCain has been no lover of Christians. In 2000, he called key religious leaders "agents of intolerance." Later he defended his vilification of Christians when he said, "I must not and will not retract anything that I said in that speech." McCain added that his statement was "carefully crafted, it was carefully thought out."

McCain voted in favor affirmative action and a bill setting up quotas for women and minorities and joined with the Left on some gun control issues.

In 1992, McCain joined with his leftist democrat friend Sen. John Kerry to sell out the American servicemen known to have been alive in hands of the communist Vietnamese during the Vietnam War (they were never returned or accounted for) by providing political cover for President Bill Clinton to normalize trade and diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

In 2001, McCain considered abandoning the Republican Party to join the democrats. In 2004, he attacked the Swift Boat Vets, claiming their criticism of presidential candidate John Kerry was "dishonest and dishonorable." That same year, McCain considered an offer to join Kerry as his Vice President nominee.

By this pledge I, do hereby, refuse to buy into the ridiculous argument that conservatives must unite behind the liberal McCain to keep liberals out of the White House .

UPDATE: With the disaster known as Obama being the Democrat nominee Sam is going to vote for Sarah!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Can't Take It Anymore

This election cycle is just awful. We know that. We did our best to work for Fred Thompson and he dropped out. Then we thought maybe the lesser of so many evils would be for Romney, we just might have been able to hold our nose and vote for him. He dropped out.

What we are left with is a candidate that can't win, Ron Paul, and four that if they do win will in some form or fashion allow amnesty to illegal aliens.

And that's just the beginning. The pool of folks left are all left! Sam keeps reading the news but to tell you the truth I just can't anymore. I know the situation we are in and all the hollering and debating about it won't change anything.

I give up. I can't take it anymore. The next four years I will concentrate on what I can do for me and mine. The country has been going downhill for sometime now and there is no turning back in my opinion. There aren't enough of us left.

I hate television and now my alternative to tv the last 8 years, FR, has gone strange on me. Even that place has been infiltrated by so called "moderate" conservatives.

Spring and summer will be easy, I spend most of my time outdoors. When it gets cold I'll have to stock up on books to read. I just don't want to hear about politics any longer. I can think of nothing good that will come out of this election.

Short of a brokered GOP convention all hope for this election has been lost.

Hopefully I'll find something more interesting to post here. Meanwhile, don't forget our other blog about life here in SC on a personal level.