Thursday, January 17, 2008

Prosperity in South Carolina

Fred Thompson came to Prosperity South Carolina today to visit a local restaurant and share his values with the locals.

It was raining and cold yet the crowd filled the restaurant. A man from Kentucky said he drove five hundred miles to see him, another young man flew in from Los Angeles. The majority though was local and from the surrounding small towns.

Fred's wife and young children were there as well as an older son.

The crowd was enthusiastic and there was a lot of Amen's and hollers of support for what Fred was saying and lots of laughs. The crowd roared when Fred discussed his plan for illegals and mentioned how some candidates have lately changed their tune.

Many told of how they received push-poll calls leading up to the primary and they were quite angry about it, the audience believed it was from Huckabee.

Our waitress was a wonderful lady whose husband also served in Vietnam as did Sam. She said her son was a Major currently serving and told Sam he could salute her. LOL. When we left, she saluted him, it was quite cute.

Sam got to shake Fred's hand and Fred thank him for his service. We did not hang around as the rain was still coming down and we had a 30 mile drive to get home.

I want to add that the food at the lunch buffet was wonderful, good old fashioned southern home cooking. The restaurant was Stable Steakhouse in Prosperity. The town is just off the edge of Lake Murray and it was a wonderful drive except for the constant rain.

Last night it snowed, something I don't wish to see too much of here. The primary is only two days away and I hope we continue the momentum and Fred makes a good showing in South Carolina. Vote Fred Thomspson 08!

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