Monday, January 21, 2008

The New Democratic Party

Looks like it's gonna be official with this election, the Republican Party will be the new Democratic party. I guess some one had to fill the gap that was left when the old Democratic Party went Socialist.

There is no longer a major political party that represents me. I'm disappointed that Fred Thompson didn't win in South Carolina and am totally disgusted that John McKennedy did win. Didn't the Republicans get the message after the midterm elections? Stop trying to out democrat the Democrats!!

There's still hope though, it's going to depend on what Fred Thompson decides to do. All I know is that if Fred isn't the nominee, I'm sitting out the national election. No more holding my nose to vote against the Democrats, I want someone to vote for.

I worked hard for GWB and he's been the biggest political disappointment in my life. Until Fred announced he was going to run, I didn't see any candidate that espoused Conservative values and actually believed them, all the others change their values based on whom they're talking to. That's the Democrats strategy. I'm not going to vote for Democrat Lite anymore.

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