Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Importance of McCain's VP Choice

Who John McCain selects as a Vice Presidential running mate will be crucial to whether he gets the backing of die hard conservatives. Some news pundits are putting up names they say he needs to counter the female factor of Hillary. That's questionable in so many ways.

In my opinion, and as a woman, I don't believe intelligent women pick a candidate solely on their gender. Then again, as a woman I don't know of one that I would like to see run as VP or President.

The names being tossed around for women are Condoleeza Rice, Sarah Palin (Alaska's Governor), and Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina. None of these will do.

I was very unhappy with Rice's dealings regarding Israel and the PLO. Alaska's Governor doesn't have much experience and Dole is a RINO.

I think McCain should pick a younger man to run as VP. The names up for review in the news for a male candidate are Mark Sanford (Governor of South Carolina), Bobby Jindal (Louisiana Governor), Tim Pawlenty (Minnesota's Governor) and Charlie Crist (Florida's Governor). I like Mark Sanford and Bobby Jindal, I don't care for Charlie Crist and don't really know about Tim Pawlenty. I'd have to research Governor Pawlenty if he was chosen.

I don't know that whoever is picked would have much influence if McCain would win but I do believe it would influence the vote come November. Conservatives need some kind of assurance that if anything happens to McCain we have a chance of having someone conservative in place to carry on the next four years and beyond.

A young conservative male would be a good choice. Let's hope he has enough sense to make the correct selection. It's bad enough we have no choice but McCain. The least he could do is reach across his own aisle and choose someone conservative.

My two cents.

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