Friday, April 11, 2008

Too Far Gone

Sam and I had a conversation on the back porch this evening and I commented that I thought our country was now too far gone to ever come back to it's roots.

I figure that we are seeing the end of our republic, his children will be seeing the final demise and his grandchildren will be living under a totally different government.

Sam reminded me of Ben Franklin's quote at the close of the Constitutional convention when a woman asked, "Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?", Franklin answered, "A republic, if you can keep it."

It looks to us as though we cannot keep it. If we could rally the country with like minded folks who believe we should return to the government our forefathers put in place perhaps we could have another revolution. However, geographically we are too large, not to mention we have no leader. As Sam said, where are our Thomas Jeffersons and George Washingtons?

We have lost the will to rise up. Oh sure, a few have it but we cannot get organized. I'm not talking about the "right wing wackos" out there; I'm talking about law abiding, taxpaying average Americans who believe in a Constitutional Government. The right to vote was supposed to control who was in power but with a two party system, money is what makes a politician today. For evidence I submit the lousy bunch of candidates for president in this election cycle. Who wants any of them? They are all left leaning socialists, we have no one with real conservative constitutional values. We are indeed in a sad state of affairs.

Think of what we could do if we didn't support every third world hell hole, if we made able bodied people work rather than receive welfare, if we closed our borders to illegal aliens, if we quit importing workers from third world countries. Think of what we could do if we didn't have such high taxes, if government would just leave the market to regulate itself and the States to regulate themselves.

Certainly I'm not as eloquent as Sam and he could say it better but I understand this government has grown too big, too meddling and too powerful. We have a class society. The politicians are part of the ruling class. Workers must be kept down just enough to keep them working to pay for the ruling class, food prices kept down enough so we can feed our families, otherwise we would rise up. The answer isn't what the democrats offer, higher taxes and free health care, that's only a quicker road to ruin. What we need is less government intrusion and less taxes and regulation. A free market can correct itself if part of it isn't held up by the other part.

It's all such a rotten game and we are the losing players. The socialists and communist slanted left, yes, democrats of our country are ignorant of history and leading us down a path of no return. As of late the Republicans have only slowed the bleed but not much more as they are conservative "light".

There was a time when the poor in this country worked for what little they had, we didn't need illegal Mexicans to pick our lettuce, our nation's poor did that until FDR decided to give them a handout. Churches used to take care of our unfortunate people, now they support illegal immigration and importation of third world immigrants. There was a time when if you wanted to immigrate here you had to show you had something to offer, you were of sound mind and had no criminal background. Now it is a free for all.

Before welfare people were able to pay their medical bills, welfare and social programs robbed us all and raised prices. Now look at the mess our healthcare is in.

There was a time when criminals were kept in jail, now we are too PC to think anyone deserves such harsh treatment, and now we have rampant crime and gangs in the streets. Now we have "hate crimes" and the thought police.

Our government creates the problems we have. They demand regulation and the result is rising costs. We have plenty of our own oil but because of government kowtowing to liberals the red tape adds costs for development and exploration and of course rising gas prices. Global warming is a huge scam and costs us all money. We are too PC to profile terrorists at our airports or guard our borders. We will pay for this in more than money.

How can we ever expect to get back to the basic government our Constitution set forth? I don't see it. And I fear for our young people that know it should be different. Most I fear though are being and have been indoctrinated by our liberal education system and therefore don't have a clue. Maybe that's a good thing for they won't go screaming into our country's good night. They'll go like sheep to the slaughter, peacefully and dumb.

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