Monday, March 3, 2008


That would be obsessed. It's not that I don't understand Sam's strong dislike for the Clinton's, I do. I don't like them either. Considerable damage was done to our country under Bill Clinton. I'm sure Hillary played a role. I don't like them, and I don't want her to be President.

I am pretty confident that she will not be elected even if she manages to get the nomination from her party. Therefore, I'm not concerned with her. She's going to lose either the nomination or the election, either way, she loses. I'm good with that.

I'm no longer concerned. She'll get her due.

Sam on the other hand cannot leave it alone. He can't see the forest for the trees so to speak. The forest is the Democratic Party and BOTH candidates. The tree is Hillary.

I'll say it again, I am no longer concerned about Hillary. I don't obsess in her humiliation or her come upance as it were. I'm glad, I'm just not obsessed by it.

The problem to concentrate on now is Obama. Obama just might get elected if he wins the nomination, that should be the focus now in my opinion. Hillary is toast. I no longer want to waste my energy on her.

Remember a while back we were so fed up with our choices we were going to chuck it all and catch up on our reading and movies? Helllooooo. Instead it's all Hillary, all the time around here.

Sam doesn't get that I am so glad to be rid of the Clintons that I would appreciate him paying a little less attention to her. I don't need a play by play of her day. Sam dear, do you remember the many, many since the Clintons have been out of office (Presidency) that we would say, "Why don't they just go away already"? Remember that? Well we have an opportunity to be done with them now but you have to quit bringing her up to make her go away.

If I just watch the news and read the internet I can see and hear very little about her, however, at home I can't stop hearing about her.

I understand your obsessesion with her ruination but she's done already. Why can't you be done with her. What happens when she does lose, will you ever be done with her. I want her out of our house for heaven's sake.

Certainly we can find better things to discuss, or read, or watch, or do.... Huh?

Trust me, I understand, I know you, how could I not? I just am sick of hearing about her and I'm surprised you're not.

I love you. Now get over it already! ((Hugs))

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