Monday, February 11, 2008


I, Samwolf, do solemnly pledge that I will NEVER vote for John McCain. He is a deceiver masquerading as a "principled" conservative. His consistent readiness to "reach across the aisle" to the Democrats is because he's more comfortable on the Left...

McCain has sided with the Left on most key issues: His immigration position is further left than many Liberals. He joined with Ted Kennedy to sponsor an amnesty bill for illegal aliens. He voted to give social security dollars to illegal aliens. His Hispanic Outreach Director, Juan Hernandez, is a former Mexican government official who holds dual American-Mexican citizenship. Hernandez is widely known for his "Mexico First" declarations.

McCain opposed a federal gay-marriage ban in 2005. He has flip-flopped several times on abortion, and is a strong advocate of federally funding research on aborted fetuses. In the San Francisco Chronicle (8/20/99) McCain sided with pro-abortionist, suggesting that overturning Roe v. Wade would lead to illegal abortions.

On campaign-finance reform, the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act was one of the more left-wing acts of Congress in the past twenty years. The act, which placed blatant restrictions on political speech, passed with overwhelming Democrat support.

On religion, McCain has been no lover of Christians. In 2000, he called key religious leaders "agents of intolerance." Later he defended his vilification of Christians when he said, "I must not and will not retract anything that I said in that speech." McCain added that his statement was "carefully crafted, it was carefully thought out."

McCain voted in favor affirmative action and a bill setting up quotas for women and minorities and joined with the Left on some gun control issues.

In 1992, McCain joined with his leftist democrat friend Sen. John Kerry to sell out the American servicemen known to have been alive in hands of the communist Vietnamese during the Vietnam War (they were never returned or accounted for) by providing political cover for President Bill Clinton to normalize trade and diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

In 2001, McCain considered abandoning the Republican Party to join the democrats. In 2004, he attacked the Swift Boat Vets, claiming their criticism of presidential candidate John Kerry was "dishonest and dishonorable." That same year, McCain considered an offer to join Kerry as his Vice President nominee.

By this pledge I, do hereby, refuse to buy into the ridiculous argument that conservatives must unite behind the liberal McCain to keep liberals out of the White House .

UPDATE: With the disaster known as Obama being the Democrat nominee Sam is going to vote for Sarah!

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