Friday, February 22, 2008

Levels of Doom

Low Level - McCain
Medium Level - Clinton
High Level - Obama

Certainly there is no one in this group I want to be President. However, I am figuring out who I most want to lose. Obama.

Since my candidates of choice all left the playing field I've been able to pay more attention to the ones who might get the job. I already knew all I needed to know about McCain and Clinton and I've spent some time reading a lot about Obama and listening to his speeches. He scares me more than the other two.

His wife's comments the other night just added to my conviction that Obama must not become the President. I'm not so sure he could get anything done but then again, if Congress goes against him there will be cries of racism so he might just get all he wants.

The crowds going to see him and their reaction is enough to let one know something is very wrong here. The moonbats are falling all over themselves over a guy who basically says nothing of substance.

I won't go into his history, you can find it easily enough on the internet. I just wanted to say I may not be able to sit this one out. It may be a case of ANYONE but Obama that forces me to go to the voting booth. I was going to stay away or vote for a third party candidate, my conscience was my guide and I wasn't going to vote for the lesser of 2 evils but having seen Obama in action I may have to vote for the lesser of one very scary individual.

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